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Powerlust - Press kit


  • name: Powerlust

  • platform: PC, Android, iOS

  • genre: RPG, ARPG, roguelike, hack and slash, dungeon crawler

  • theme: dark fantasy

  • players: singleplayer + co-op multiplayer

  • early access release (PC): 19 Feb 2024

  • final release (PC): ?

  • base price: $19.99


  • studio: Bart Mamzer (Bartlomiej Mamzer)

  • new quests and levels: Karolina Surdyk

  • music: Marcin Szmuc

  • when the project started: November 2017


Powerlust is an old school action RPG inspired by games like

Diablo 1, Might and Magic 7 and Baldur's Gate.

Made by a guy who loved playing them.

Travel through an open world, design your own character class

and feed your LUST for POWER by crushing your foes.

Bonus replayability thanks to procedural generation and tons of abilities.

Legendary items with unique abilities and item sets will

allow you to completely change the gameplay of your favorite class.

Optional permadeath for hardcore roguelike fans!


  • Procedurally generated dungeons.       

  • Skill-based combat.       

  • No rigid classes.       

  • Tons of masteries, skills and builds.       

  • Open world to explore.       

  • Optional permadeath.       

  • Controller support.     

  • Awesome discord community.       


Google Drive press kit: (screenshots, banners, logo, gameplay video)

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